The Hurricane Hustle

Registration and Account Set Up Instructions

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Each student should have received a unique link to register that looks like this:

The link will bring you to the sign in/sign up page shown below. If you registered your child for a previous Hustle you should be able to sign in at this point. You can also reset your password if you do not remember it. If this is your first Hustle please click the "Sign Up" button.


To set up your account, click on the Sign Up button. This will take you to the following page where you can enter in your Email, First and Last Name and Password. Then click, Sign Up. 


After signing in or signing up, you will enter in your student’s information. Your student’s (the participant) name, grade and track should already be filled in.

You can upload an image of your child by clicking “Choose File” and add a description in the paragraph box as shown below. Once completed, click “Save Changes.”


You have now completed the registration. The Fundraiser Registrations page will list the children you have registered for the event. Here, you can View or Edit your student’s individual pages. 


Click on Edit to go back a page where you can modify your image, change your text, etc.

Click on View to see your student’s page that will look like this:


If no image is loaded, the event's logo will default as your student’s image. The first paragraph listed is the description text you provided.

Click on “Pledge Now” to make a pledge. Any donations will be listed under Pledges in the right-hand column and the total amount will be tallied at the top of the page.

You can share this page via Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or email using the social media share buttons on the page.

Text Pledges:

Donors can also pledge via text message. Simply ask your friends and family to text your unique code (shown in parentheses) to 919-289-HES0 (4370). They will receive a reply via text message with instructions as shown below:


If they have not donated via text message using REACH before, they will be asked to complete this one-time form. 


They will simply need to fill out this information and their donation will be recorded into the system.

Multiple Students:

If you have more than one child participating in the event, they will be shown on your “My Fundraiser Registrations” page and are listed under “My Profile.”


Here, you can view and edit your information and pages for each child. Remember that each child has a unique page and code.

Additional Questions?

Please email David McWilliams at or HES PTA at